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We have been in the training, consulting and publishing business for over 20 years and we have gained a lot of knowledge and experiences in the field of educational programs. We work with experienced lecturers, who are experts in their field of practice. The aim of our courses is to provide you with the knowledge that you can use in practice.

Although experiences are the best school in life, the price of it can be very high. So why not learn from the experts? In our courses, lecturers share their practical experience and help you to solve problems and dilemmas that you encounter in your personal and professional life. Through our courses, you can gain valuable knowledge in an effective, flexible and convenient way.

We are providing you with seminars and practical workshops in the following topics: leadership, time management, communication skills, negotiations, body language, emotional intelligence, psychological techniques for increasing the sales, project management, product management, lean production, maintenance, safety at work, renewable energy and energy efficiency, new technical legislation and standardisation, electrical engineering, civil engineering, IKT and more.   

Our professional seminars are always evaluated as excellent and practical workshops are always met with enthusiasm. Your return on investment for training multiples and enhances your effectiveness.       


Fulfill your goals with new knowledge!

Our publishing program includes books and manuals in the fields of project management, leadership, business models, creativity,  renewable energy and energy efficiency, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, building construction, safety at work, ... Since 2000, we have also been publishing a well-established and known – Electrotechnical Magazine.    


We offer our customised training programs in English, German, Croatian and Serbian language. They cover the following themes: business, communication, project management or technical. There are also courses in our regular program for negotiations in English and German – “Negotiation Strategies and Skills Training" and "Erfolgreich verhandeln", seminar ˝South Korea and Asia - The Lands of Great Business Opportunities˝ and workshop ˝Secrets for successful remote work˝

Tailor-made trainings


An important competitive advantage of Agencija POTI is the fact that almost every practical workshop or professional seminar can be tailored to the clients’ needs.  Together with excellent and experienced lecturers, we can provide you with a program that fits your needs and goals. Until now, we have worked with some of the most successful companies in Slovenia.

We coordinate about the content, time and place of an education course, and then prepare a programe that best suits your organization. With this we ensure a maximum effectiveness of training. For development of your teams, we also offer contemporary teambuilding programms and individual coaching lessons.

To find out more about individual education and its implementation, please contact us by calling +386 (0)1/511-39-22 or send us an email to ana.kordis@agencija-poti.si We look forward to hearing from you! 


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